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Odor Trace

K9 Odor Detection Training Device

safely create compound odor profiles of homemade explosives and street level narcotics


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Background and Purpose

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About the Odor Trace MODD

Creates HME Odor Profiles

  • Limitless number of compounds
  • Oxidizers and Fuels
  • Ingredients in proportion to live HME and street level narcotics
  • Quickly change compounds

Safety and Disposal

  • Individual ingredients never mix
  • Allows for training without unintended, adverse reactions
  • Disposal is as simple as handling each seperate, inert element as specified buy its manufacturer

Training Options and Outcomes

  • Adjustable odor plume
  • Small and rugged 
  • Easily fits into luggage, backpack, wheel wells and other common hides
  • New compounds can be quickly introduced

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About Odor Trace:

  • The MODD was developed by Lauryn DeGreeff, PhD, US Navy Research Lab, Office of Naval Research
  • Odor Trace is a division of Per Vivo Labs, Inc. a SDVOSB
  • Per Vivo Labs, Inc. received exclusive commercial rights to the technology in 2017.

Odor Trace a division of Per Vivo Labs, Inc.

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Odor Trace MODD

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