Toolkit for practitioners

The Odor Trace HME Combination Kit is the result of decades of operational experience related to explosives and explosive detection.  The kit provides practitioners with a comprehensive combination of oxidizers and fuels/ organics.  Simple to create odor combinations identical to the ultimate target.  Simple to validate the K9's ability to work through  the secondary and tertiary vapors associated with the HME. Validating the K9 is hitting on the imprint(ed) odor.

Oxidizers - N₂H₄O₃ - KClO3 - H2O2

The target oxidizers are clean, unadulterated  and properly packaged to guarantee the integrity of the substances. The oxidizers packaged to allow for the use of the oxidizer repeatedly.  Each amount is in a non-organic vial with non-organic cap sized to fit snugly inside the MODD. This process eliminates cross contamination issues.  Additionally, the packaging preserves the materials and resolves issues related to decomposition. Oxidizers are housed in an ABS, waterproof box.

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Fourteen (14) vials of the most common fuels/organics inside an ABS, waterproof box.  These secondary and tertiary materials are labeled and coded to optimize explosive combinations, afford the ability to adjust combinations as new threats emerge.    

HME Combination Kit

Used to create homemade explosive compound odors for K9 training