Odor Trace MODD and MODD-Mini

What is the Odor Trace MODD

A device used to safely and effectively create compound odors.  The device is commonly used to create compound odors associated with HME and street level narcotics. The ingredients used never physically mix and avoid associated issues of disposal.

How it works

The practitioner selects the desired target odor and then selects other odors commonly associated with the ultimate target (bomb and/or drugs).  The vapors from the individual substances build and blend inside the MODD until sufficient vapor pressure exist to expel the now combined odor from the combination area and then up and into the atmosphere.  Additionally, the practitioner can further restrict the volume of odor expelled by inserting the various restrictor plug(s) thereby adjusting the perceived "size" of the target.

Inherent versatility

While the K9 is imprinted on pure, unadulterated scents the ultimate target (bomb or drugs) will be mixed with substances that likely have a higher pressure and decomposition rates than the of the ultimate target odor.  The MODD allows the practitioner to adjust the "total" scent picture and thus encourage the K9 to work through the changing odor environment. 

MODD and MODD-Mini

Two Sizes

While the Odor Trace MODD and the Odor Trace MODD-Mini both allow the user to safely create compound odors associated with homemade explosives and street level narcotics.  The MODD allows for the introduction of up to four (4) 20 ml jars.  The MODD-Mini allows for the use of four (4) vials at 2 ml per vial.

The size difference allows the practitioner to substantially alter the relative size  of the odor plume and create training scenarios mimicking real world threats and hides.     

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